Salk Institute by Louis Kahn


Salk Institute by Louis Kahn

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living large in small spaces: slim house, clapham, london/alma-nac

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1. Wake up happy.
2. Eat a good breakfast and wake up early enough not to be in a rush.
3. Smile at everyone.
4. Try your hardest and ask for help when you need it.
5. Take interest in what you find boring.
6. Walk with pride in who you are.
7. Give at least 10 compliments.
8. Only eat pretty things.
9. Don’t force yourself to talk to people who don’t make your day better.
10. Take every opportunity you are offered.
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In the sunset of dissolution, everything is illuminated by the aura of nostalgia.

Milan Kundera

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Be who you want to be and don’t be afraid of the consequences because after all you only live once.
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